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    The house of international recipes and diversified menus
    each served with the local customs of its original country.
    The house of delightful food style and elegant catering display for all occasions.
    Charming service, exquisite buffet presentations and more…

    The Catering House
    The House of Elegance and Delight

    Our Events

    Whatever the event may be, starting special occasions like dinners, weddings, home receptions, up to corporate events such as company brunches, launching cocktails, gala dinners, etc...
    whether it's in the city, by the seaside, or at the mountain, The Catering House, will lookout for the total perfection in order to meet your theme, ethnicity, food preferences, flavour profiles and personal flair.

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  • About The House

    Established in Lebanon, "The Catering House" is a caterer for all types of events such as weddings, cocktails, parties, galas, dinners… Offering a cuisine that meets all expectations, tailored for the pleasure of the senses.

    The Catering House vision is developing catering services, with the details precision and care for quality and luxury. The company's main focus is on achieving our main goals by enlarging a successful exposure in the Lebanese Market. In the near future, our potential goals and aim is to enlarge The Catering House name into the Middle East Area, and our booming business development plan is by creating an institution for Catering & hospitality services.

    The Catering House is the only catering company that owns exclusivity to provide catering services in Convent Saint Jean Deir Al Kalaa - Beit Meri. However, we do provide catering services in any other place or venue, as long as they do not have any exclusivity. Our vision is to get exclusivity for more venues in the near future as well.

  • About The Catering

    The company was initially created to provide high quality catering services for special events like dinners, weddings, home receptions, corporate events (company brunches, launching cocktails, award ceremonies, gala dinners...).

    Since every single event is unique and deserve the best of everything, The Catering House, will fulfill this elegant memory that will last forever by preparing a presentation completely designed for this specific event. Perhaps your event is a tropical summer complete with Caribbean fare, or maybe you desire to celebrate with a green event, a Fall event with a warm fall harvest "Carte du jour" may be your fantasy. How about a huge International buffet menu with big varieties of live stations (Italian, Mexican, Chinese, BBQ...) or a Fancy Rich Set menu that can add a very elegant touch to your event.

    Our Menus display and presentation are fully equipped and served by special service tools that were exclusively designed and built in a very elegant artistic and creative touch to service this target (special buffet display, creative stations for live cooking, ...)

    Good cuisine always starts with the right choice of products it is the touch of our expert chefs.

    Whatever the event may be, our creative team will assist your enquiry needs with a high standards and fine hospitality skills.

  • Postal Address

    Jdeideh roundabout,
    facing "saraya" building
    Beirut - Lebanon

    +961 - 1 - 87 51 03Tel:
    +961 - 3 - 26 55 76Mobile:


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